Spybot - Search & Destroy 2.7.64

Spybot Free Edition is an on-demand anti-spyware scanner.

Spybot searches your hard disk for all known types of spyware, adware and potentially unwanted programs. It offers powerful features to remove these threats and thus protect your privacy. It automatically detects:

•  adware networks, attempts at host redirection, •  registry modifications • unwanted changes in the browser configuration of Internet Explorer and Firefox.

If an attempt is made to redirect your computer to a different Domain Name Server without your permission Spybot can detect and stop this happening.

Spybot also protects your privacy is by removing 'Usage Tracks'.

Spybots team of 'Forensic Detectives' constantly monitor the Internet for new threats and attack vectors so it is important, that in order for software to give maximum protection, it is regularly updated. The signatures for Spybot Free Edition are updated once a week.

Spybot +AV is a licensed version of Spybot that enhances the protection offered by Spybot Free Edition. This product not only protects against spyware but also incorporates an award winning antivirus engine licensed by Bitdefender.


+ Start Center for frequently used functions + Adjustments for Windows 10 (1709) and higher + Better utilization of the antivirus engine + Upgraded service handling + Improved SecureBoot support + Improved search for malware


Supported Operating Systems: Win7, Win7 x64, Win8, Win8 x64, Win8.1, Win8.1 x64, Win10, Win10 x64, WinPE 3.0 and above, WinPE 3.0 x64 and above

System Requirements: not specific

Program Limitations: